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Single Item Removals

Moving house is one thing, furnishing your home with items you love is another. Often finding the things you love, at the right price is only half the battle, you’ve then got to get them to your house, which can be an absolute nightmare with certain larger and awkward items.


That’s where we come in. Along with our full removals services, we offer our home removals service at a discounted rate for picking up single items. 

man with van lifting a sofa into his home removals van with the assistance of another person

If you have purchased a wardrobe off of Gumtree or a table and chairs from Ikea and simply need someone with a vehicle that has the size and space to get it to your place, just give us a call. We can pick up your goods from as little as £35 and for no extra cost we will help you get it up the stairs if necessary.


We can also help if you are moving home by yourself but have that one large item that you just can’t fit in your car no matter what you do.


Just Removals is a professional home removals company who you can trust to deliver your property safely too you. Unlike the typical man with van our home removals van is equipped with the space and tying off point to ensure that your property doesn’t move in transit and gets to your home in one piece. 

man with van
Single Item Removals

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